Technology and Neck Strain

When you bend your head down, the head is no longer supported by the whole system of the vertebrae, but only by the neck. This puts unnecessary strain on the neck muscles and can lead to pain, including tension headaches. Laptops create especially poor posture for the neck, as users tend to hunch down to look at them. Holding your cell phone between your neck and your shoulder may be a cheap hands-free option, but it also puts your neck in an unhealthy position. Even texting usually involves a lot of hanging your head over your phone.

Solution and Prevention

  • Use a lower back support in your work chair to guide yourself into a healthier posture.
  • To avoid constantly looking down, raise your laptop to eye level by placing something under it. You will need to use an external keyboard to type comfortably with your laptop in this position, but the benefits for your neck will be worth it.
  • Do some exercises. While you’re studying or working, take short breaks to do some simple movements like shoulder rolls. You may be hunching your shoulders up as you work at the computer without even realizing it. In your free time, try some training exercises to strengthen your neck muscles.
  • Treat neck pain with ice and heat to soothe sore muscles.

--Liz Soltan