What can you do to strike a balance between staying connected and letting technology take over your life? Here are some simple ideas of how to cope.

  • Create a “tech blackout” day once a week. More and more families are designating one weekend day for unplugged family time. It’s like a real blackout in terms of quality time and likelihood of breaking out the board games, without the hassle of finding candles and flashlights.
  • Set boundaries for text-free spaces and times. For instance, try making a pact to put away cell phones during meals, family car rides, or a particular hour of the evening.
  • If you can’t disconnect, relocate. Instead of allowing each family member to hole up in his or her room in front of a glowing screen, try bringing your gadgets into a shared space where you can talk to each other.
  • Turn off notifications and set times to answer email or check Facebook a few times a day. Not only will this boost productivity, but it will help you feel more in control.

--Liz Soltan