To help you learn more about issues regarding digital responsibility, here are additional sources of information. 

Digital Distraction

Stop Texts Stop Wrecks: Website sponsored by and the Ad Council provides tips, facts and videos about texting while driving Website on distracted driving including texting and calling while driving

Common Sense Media: Offers information on cyberbullying and tech usage

Pew Internet: Provides research and studies on tech usage

Online Privacy

Cyberbullying Research Center: Blog and resources for educators, parents and teens Gives information on preventing cyberbullying and how to respond to cyberbullying Tips on protecting your online privacy and preventing and reporting identity theft

Violence Prevention Project: Tips for how to stay safe from cyber stalking

Environmental and Societal Impact of Technology

Electronics Take Back Coalition: Information on manufacturing electronics responsibly and e-waste recycling

Environmental Protection Agency Green Electronics: Programs on e-waste recycling and making more sustainable electronic products

Green Technology: Non-profit that provides web casts and events

Pew Internet: Provides research on the technology gap between the rich and the poor

Health and Technology

Society for Media Psychology and Technology: A division of the American Psychological Association to focus on the "psychology behind media and technology use and impact" 

Pew Internet: Provides studies on psychological issues and use of technology

Eye Health Center: Symptoms and relief for computer vision syndrome

Computer Neck Pain Solutions: Five exercises to reduce neck pain from computer use